Monday, October 20, 2014

14th to 17th Oct. Albert to Nowra

              Tuesday 14th
     Still pretty cool this morning, have to keep moving.
     Travelled 320 km today, a long one, going through some little towns on the way, such as Trangie, (a small one) Narromine ( a little bigger) Wellington (bigger again) and took a rest at a roadside rest area 32km north of Wellington (another big one). It's raining and darned cold so carried on after a while to Molong, a neat looking town where we stopped at the Molong caravan park for the night with a powered site at $20.50 per night, so that we could have the heater going, Man it's cold!!

               Wednesday 15th

Molong main street with the
old hotel on the right 
     The rain has eased but it is cold again this morning with frost on the grass!! Not so nice walking Dot and Yip this morning and Dot was complaining a little, but Yip didn't seem to care. Nice inside the bus though.

Molong Catholic Church
Beautiful building
     I took a couple of walks during the day and took some neat photo's of the beautiful buildings in town and around. One of the nice things I spied is all the Poplar Trees in town, I haven't seen them in ages and was impressed, as I was with the whole town really, It is a pretty and oh so green town with the Molong river running through, clean and cold.

St Paul's Church at Blayney
               Thursday 16th
      From Molong we passed through Orange, a practise run for the pilot at city street driving for when we get to Sydney, he said it was easy enough!, then on to Blayney where we found another neat church building, this time St Paul's Church,  lovely!

Canola crop on way to Cowra
Going through lots of little towns along the way - Millthorpe was pretty with an avenue of trees over the road we passed along, on to Linhurst, with lovely green pastures along the way and a crop I had never seen before, Canola, a vista of yellow to behold.

     On to Cowra we went with grain crops on the farm land, also stock - sheep and Cattle - the crops being canola, as I mentioned, along with wheat and I'm not sure what else. Nice to see the Poplar trees and weeping willows every where.

Boorowa Hotel
     On to Boorowa, stopping for few minutes rest to admire the buildings again such as the Hotel.  Further along in the paddocks I saw a flock of sheep, the ones with black faces but amongst them where a few completely black ones, not a lot of them about and they where easy to spot being  a bit different.

On to Yass over the Hume Highway
nice farmland  here
       As we got nearer to Yass ( our destination for today) the traffic got a bit heavier, must be in the  vicinity of the big smoke (cities). We headed along the Yass Valley road and in to Yass after going over the Hume highway (with all the traffic going to the big city of Canberra), I guess.  We spent the night at the Yass show ground camping area, only $20.00 a night.

Friday 17th
     A cold night in Yass!! heading closer to the coast today to Nowra.
        We travelled through neat places again on our way, one was Fitzroy falls with a large reservoir suitable for a sailing club to be present. We stopped for a short time, the puppies weren't allowed to be there so we went on.

The bridge entering
Kangaroo Valley
     Next was Kangaroo Valley - really pretty little place, looks cold though. The approach bridge was something special,  one lane.
     There was no way we could find a park big enough for the bus, so we kept going.
     We had wound our way down the very steep hill into the valley then we wind our way up the  hill then down again toward Nowra.

      The road was pretty narrow, steep and windy, there were warnings to be aware of passing trucks on the corners, heaps of U-bends. The bus brake pads were smokin' - nearly.      Great views though.
One of the many
U-bends on the hill down
to Nowra

Kangaroo valley to Nowra
view out bus window

Once we got to the bottom we were almost in Nowra, only a little way to go. We found the Information centre and arranged to camp at the Nowra showground camp site for the next 4 nights at $28.00 a night. A bit pricey as the facilities only provide toilets, no showers, but Caravan parks are very expensive and crowded. The show ground is very pretty area over looking the Shoal haven river and not crowded at all.
So, that's where we are at the moment. Having a relax 'til early next week when we will make our way to Sydney. That should be fun. See you then with more photo's.