Monday, June 30, 2014

Ross River Resort 7th June to 31st June

Monday 9th

Look Dot, a boy, can we go play?
     Had a great experience this morning while walking Dot and Yip. Standing in the little bit of sun I found ( trying to get warm) when the pup's alerted me to something behind me, I looked back to see a dingo, (looks just like Yip) It is a wild one!! a male, just a few feet from us. Well - I sat down on the edge of the road to see how close it would come to me, it seemed to be looking for a mate, maybe. Yip was going a bit crazy with excitement wanting to play with him and Dot wanted to growl and scare it away.
This is the wild dingo,
sitting only about a metre from us

     We spent maybe half an hour just watching, he wasn't afraid of us at all and came pretty close and didn't seem to be overly cautious, just relaxing beside us for a while. Actually I don't think really gave a sh#*t about me being there, as this picture shows.

Eventually I thought I better head back, He followed us, playing in front of us at times and just wanting to be with Yip and Dot it seemed. I was amazed at how much like Yip he looked, he being only slightly bigger with a lighter muzzle.
     When I got back to camp I thought he would shy off, but no, he came all the way to the bus with us. He hung around for 4 days, we have named him Dusty.

"dusty" the wild dingo
Finally he found that he wasn't going to get his way with either of our girls and hopefully will find himself a mate in the wild. What a great experience that was, at no time was I concerned that he would attack me or the pups or anything else in the camp area at any time.
     While in the camp ground he became quite an attraction for all to see and his photo was taken over and over again.

     One of life's greater occasions for me.

Tuesday 10th
     Found this odd plant this morning.
It is a cute purple flowering weed which there are plenty of here, only this one is covered in the fluff from the water reeds in the river bed. (I used to call them bull rushes when I was a kid)

Makes for an unusual and very pretty plant.

Thursday 12th
Alice Springs
     We all went into Alice Springs today, shopping and touring. This photo is taken from a hill called Anzac Hill with 360 degree views of the town.

This is one direction, with the MacDonnell Range in the background

Friday 13th to end of June
     We are going to be spending some time here at the Ross River Resort, so to save from repeating myself or something, I'll not be blogging much, unless something crops that is more interesting than simple every day camp life.

     'Til next I blog, chow for now.