Sunday, July 27, 2014

Driving out to the Red Centre Wednesday 9th

      Not much happening around the camp site, just day to day stuff but we have taken a couple of exploratory drives, as follows -

Wednesday 9th
     Started the day out just going out to the airstrip to watch a small plane land
to pick up one of the resort managers, having a sticky beak really, it was nice to see.

      Jim decided we would follow a track out into the wilderness, letting one of the resort people know where we were going before we went. I had no idea where we were going but Jim seemed to have a plan! We passed these trees on the way, they are Red River Gum, I had to photograph them - as usual for me -
     On we travelled, the scenery is so different, I keep forgetting we are in the middle of Australia, the red centre, it's called, I can certainly see why now.
     this piece of rock was one of many rock formations we came across, it typifies the sparse never ending spaces and dry terrain we saw all along the way.

     We travelled on a dry creek bed for some time through a gap in the range until we decided to turn back for the resort and camp before we ended up who knew where. We later found that we had gone about 60km from the resort into the edge of the Simpson desert.

     This piece of rock was lying in the creek bed and it looked like some sort of drawing or fossil formation or something similar, but it was only the rock in it's natural state.

      We had a great drive although next time we head off into the great unknown I will make sure I take a picnic basket, we had plenty of water but no food and our little trip to the airstrip ended up being a five and half hour drive.