Monday, June 30, 2014

Ross River Resort 1st to 6th June

Sunday 1st June
     What a beautiful place the MacDonnell Range and Ross River Resort is. We have been here only a week and have seen so many different types of hill and rocks and plants everywhere we go. Not a lot of animal life but plenty of birds.
     I have put all these photo's in to show how different it is here.
This is the Sphinx
Can you see it?
Over hang rock Note the huge
boulders on right that fell
out of the cliff

Furrow mountain maybe?

One Tree Rock or what!
The Great Wall of China
(Australia's version)
Peep holes in the Wall of China
Piled up like Pancakes

The Pup's and me at the start
of the Wall of 'China
The Great Wall of China makes
the Jimny look tiny
These were all taken when we went for a drive out the back of the resort property which is not accessible to every-one. Makes me feel kind of special and privileged to have seen and photographed it. Some of the formations have been given names as I put on the photo's. There were so many fantastic formations once again my camera went into overload almost.
     We had happy few hours 4x4 driving, following any track that bobbed up. Had a ball and made it back to camp safe and sound.

Monday 2nd
     Jim had to go Alice Springs today do some business. We have been kept busy doing a bit of work around the camp area and Jim doing maintenance of chain saw's and other small machines etc.

     Here is another  great sunset for you, gee! it's tough when you have to look at such things from the comfort of your camp chair.

Wednesday 4th
     Before taking our walk, Dot and Yip were having fun outside the bus.

     After that I introduced Yip to the piglets down at the Homestead. I don't think she knew what to make of them and thought they were a bit strange to start.

Yes Yip! they call them pigs
 Dot wanted to have them for dinner!! Oh!

Friday 6th
     Thought I would try out my climbing ability again and shot up the hill behind camp to take this photo.

     This is the Ross River with the MacDonnell Range in the background.
Good stuff eh?