Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ross River Resort 27th to 31st May

Tuesday 27th May
     Awoke to a glorious day. Took the puppies for a walk, sunrise doesn't appear until nearly 7am, a bit cool but really nice. Jim went to the homestead last night to have a look around and to sus the place out with who's who and that sort of thing. Someone told him that if you pay for 5 nights you get stay a week, I said "did you pay the extra?" Nah! - He wanted to check with me first. I reckon I could spend some time here without a problem, so I went to the office this morning and paid for another couple of days which gives a week here to start. you beauty.   
This photo is of the cliff face behind the camping area. Pretty neat eh?
They have discovered that Jim is a small motors mechanic and it is like "you are not going anywhere! we could use a guy like you if you have some time to spare" So we have agreed to stay a while as Jim does some work around the place for them.

Jim has changed the wheel on the trailer and I spent a lot of time just looking around. it is a fascinating place and the range and rock formations etc are astounding, I haven't seen anything like it before. A great day had by all. The evening bought out the special highlights on the area with these couple of photo's to show you, the first one on the left, I took while walking with Yip and Dot down the road to N'Dahla Gorge by the
 river crossing, which looks pretty deep. The next one while sitting in my camp chair watching the ever changing spectacle.
       We had a great day

Wednesday 28th
     WOW!! this place is nice. Had a restful morning and Jim decided we would take a drive. We went to N'Dahla Gorge. It as an 11km drive.(4x4 only - lucky us, we have the Jimny)  The road is pretty corrugated and rough. First up is the water crossing over the Ross river where I was last night. The river isn't flowing at the moment but there is seepage which keeps the river going. It wasn't too deep and we had been told to keep to the left, there wasn't a problem. We took it nice and slow. There is plenty to look at on the way. There were 3 water crossings and the first was the deepest, the rest were a breeze.
     The cliffs and rocks and everything are so unreal, I couldn't stop the camera. It is all too fantastic, as you will see in the photo's I have put together for you to have a gander at.
These hills look like a sideway

Having a rest at the head of the gorge
Looks like the Sydney Opera House
maybe they got the idea from here!!

Dry Ross River with mound hill at back
I hope you can see what we saw. At the end of the gorge there is a walking track of 1+1/2 km which has some Aboriginal sculptures and paintings, but we didn't feel up to the trek so didn't get to see them.
     We got back to camp after about 3 hours of looking aground and took the rest of the day off. A happy day!.
Thursday 29th
     Shopping day for me today. I drove into Alice Springs in the Jimny and spent the day catching up on the things I missed on Monday. Waited until 2pm to purchase the necessary drinks, still a problem!, can't buy fortified wine until 6pm - WHAT!! - sorry Jim, I'm not waiting around that long. A funny thing at the bottle shops - outside them all is a member of the police force making sure every-one knows the laws of N.T.  alcohol purchases and consuming. There you go, must do the job right. I drove back to camp after getting what I could. I had a nice day.
Friday 30th and Saturday 31st
 Spent these couple of days at the camp area just having a good look around. Woke on Friday morning to this great sunrise.
     Later in the afternoon while walking Dot and Yip I decided to climb the hill behind the camp area. Quite a steep track up and very shaley type of ground making the descent very hazardous for me, had to make sure that Yip didn't pull me down too fast. I made it back to camp safely.
The view was great and not to be missed. I'm glad I made the effort to get to the top.
      That's the month of May gone. Catch you in the next instalment in June.