Friday, August 28, 2015

19th to end August back to Cooktown!

     After spending a week in Ravenshoe decided it was time to keep moving.
          Wednesday 26th
      Stopped in Atherton on the way to do a small shop and a new phone for me.(An old farts phone with big numbers and nice and loud) Then on to Mareeba, having a coffee break in a park on the north side. We made our way to the Ringers Rest bush camp about 6km out of Mareeba for the night.
Pretty creek at the Ringers rest

Dot+Yip looking into aTermite nest
There is a lovely creek 1.2km from the camp which we visited and had a swim.
Made a nice walk for us that evening and again the next morning.While down at the creek the dogs checked out this huge Ant nest. The country side is very dry compared to the Tablelands at Ravenshoe, a lot of dust and brown grass, a vast difference in a short distance.

Hotel at Mount Molloy
                      Thursday 27th

     Refuelled in Mareeba and headed along the Mulligan highway past the Mount Molloy Hotel.

Resting at Rifle Creek. We were here over 2 years ago on our first venture out and spent a couple of nights then, but not staying today, making our way to Mt Carbine.

Office of Mt Carbine Van park
Dilligaf at Mt Carbine van park
     Revisiting this Van Park again too! I remember the office very well, made from a concrete water tank I think.  We only stayed one night, so never bothered with a powered site, only cost $16.00, and we get a discount for being members of Kui Parks, giving us a huge $1.60 discount, ahh! ain't life

Orchid flower at Mt Carbine
               Friday 28th

     I found this little orchid while out walking with the dogs on the morning of our departure this morning.

view out the window at Bobs lookout
     We left mid morning heading north toward Lakeland. Just north of Mt Carbine is Bob's Lookout, climbing up the hill, a magnificent view back toward the south, we didn't stop at the lookout, I took this photo through the bus window.(have to clean the glass!!)

North/north-east view from James Earl lookout

     To continue - we travelled the 100km to James Earl lookout and may spend the night here. Once again, a great view. 
At James Earl lookout
     The weather is superb. Our rig looks good with the view behind it.

     All is well for the month of August. Plan to make Cooktown in the next few days. Catch you in September - wherever we may be!

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