Monday, June 8, 2015

June 1st to 8th Charters Towers to Prairie

      Monday 1st

Charters towers from Towers Hill
Parked at the roadhouse west of Charters Towers overnight last night to get to Windscreens O'Brien and have the windscreen on the bus replaced after the Wedge trailed eagle smashed it last week.
     While waiting, I spent the day restocking Dilligaf, and sightseeing to Towers Hill, which has a 360 degree view of Charters towers and surrounds.

1889 building in Charters Towers
then the N.S.W Bank

     The town has some amazing old buildings, as this one of the Bank of N.S.W.  dated 1889.

     The windscreen was completed around mid afternoon so we camped another night at the roadhouse.

          Tuesday 2nd

Old Police cells at Pentland

Pentland rail station with
incoming train
      Away from Charters Towers early this morning after reloading Jimny on the trailer  and refuelling both vehicles and a couple of jerry cans we reached Pentland to book into the van park for a couple of nights at $22.00 per night.

          Thursday 4th
     Prairie today.
         On the way through Pentland we stopped at the local farmers fruit stall, thought he had left the area as hadn't seen him, but grabbed a whole heap of lovely fresh fruit, vegies, cake and bread rolls, John is the stall holders name, he makes all the goodies himself.

Sunset on our 2nd day at Prairie
     Arriving at the Prairie Hotel late morning we set up camp behind the hotel, will catch up with old friends later.

     Intend to spend the long June weekend here.

The hotel and Proprietress

     The owners of the hotel have been hard at it with renovations since our last visit. The Horse on the roof  is an attention grabber, looks good too.

Trains, Planes +??
they have it all in Prairie

The pups are having a ball, they both enjoy their walks around the town and along some of the dirt roads.
     Walking them one evening this jet trail seemed to go on for ever and couldn't help including the photo I took.

     Life is much the same in Prairie, not much has changed (except the date) It's always good to catch up with old acquaintance's.

    Back east again Tuesday 9th to Charters Towers to see about helping out at a cattle station near Greenvale.
     Wait to see what happens when next I blog.

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