Friday, May 29, 2015

May 25th to 31st Charters Towers area

          Monday 25th

Railway hotel at Ravenswood
     The sun this morning shone in such a way as to make the Railway Hotel look like an artists painting, so I took a picture.
     Another beautiful day has dawned and we are heading to Charters towers today. Packed and ready to go mid morning, didn't load the Jimny on the trailer as there's not that far to go.
Nearing the intersection to the Flinders highway Jim has a bit of scare with a Wedge Tailed Eagle - it slammed into the windscreen of the bus and cracked it rather badly!, still in one piece so continue on to the Bivouac Junction camp site to park up at $138.00 per week. Will have to contact insurance co. to get the windscreen replaced. I saw the eagle fly into the scrub on the road side, seemed to be O.K. but will never know if it survived or not.

         Tuesday 26th

Bivouac Junction on the Burdekin river
opposite the camping area
      The camp area is at a junction in the Burdekin river, not much water in the river but is trickling along. The pups are loving the fresh water to swim in and I have found a couple of holes deep enough to get them wet all over. The rocks in the river bed are different, pink, grey, whitish with black streaks through them.
    Despite not much water in the system at present, it is still very pretty.

        Wednesday 27th

Foggy morning at Bivouac Junction on the
Burdekin river
     Foggy morning!! not quiet a pea souper, but thick any way.
     Having a good relaxing time, taking the pup's for a swim 2 or 3 times a day resting and the like,(life is really tough).

     Have had the windscreen looked at and will take the bus into Charters Towers on Monday 1st June to have it replaced. In the mean time - just have to take it easy.

          Friday 29th
     Not much happening around here. We have decided to head into Charters Towers on Sunday afternoon 31st of May, probably to the Gold City Roadhouse for the night so we can get the windscreen people to fix us up early on Monday morning.
       Catch you next month.

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