Saturday, May 9, 2015

1st to 8th Takilberan to Baffle Creek

            Friday 1st
      It has been raining all day!, not heavy as such, just a bit miserable.
     Spent the whole day inside the bus at Phil and Wendy's place in Takilberan, the puppies don't like it much but we are bearing up under the strain (Ha ha) Yip enjoyed a song this morning, despite the weather, she wasn't too sure though and needed Jim to help her out, who wants to sing in weather such as we were experiencing, any way.
     It eased by lunch and we will make ready to head off in the morning.
 Saturday 2nd
We left Phil and Wendy's place this morning for Baffle Creek.

Crossing the Burnett river at
 Bundaberg 2.5.15

      Through Gin Gin again and on to Bundaberg to replenish the larder and refuel Dilligaf, leaving the town  by quarter past eleven crossing over the Burnett river on the way.
      We found Avondale Hotel about lunch time and stopped for a beer and a bacon and egg roll.
Keeping on, keeping on, we made Baffle Creek van park mid afternoon and booked in for a week at $185.00. The park looks very nice and clean, the fishing is supposed to be something special, will wait and see if that is true or not.
Sunday 3rd

Baffle Creek from the Van park
boat ramp
Checking out fishing spots today. Firstly the boat ramp at the end of the camping area on Baffle creek- looks promising.
Jim at Rules Beach on the 3rd
Dot and Yip at Rules Beach
     About 5km to Rules beach, which is on the open sea and beautiful surfing by the looks of it,(if only I was I surfer girl) but pristine, sparkling white sand, blue ocean, gorgeous!! Jim was first to get to the water's edge to admire the view. The puppies reckon it is pretty neat too.
     We let Yip off her lead and she went a bit ballistic, running up and down the sand and in and out of the water. This video shows part of her escapade.

  Monday 4th

Cheeky Butcher Bird at camp
      One of the many Butcher birds around here. They have a beautiful song, much like the Magpie, not as strong maybe, but very pretty. Ain't nature grand!!

      This one was going into the tent next door, cheeky bugger.
     Later in the morning I took the pups and my fishing gear to the boat ramp to have a go, a couple of hours before the high tide. I scored one legal size Bream, so I am happy.
                  Wednesday 6th

foggy morning at Baffle Creek
van park (spooky Roo's)
     A cool change in the weather today. A fog has rolled in over the camp, very spooky, but not very thick and a bit patchy, once we headed on our walk up the road it had all but cleared.

                      Thursday 7th

Bird of prey with it's catch
     Awoke fairly early this morning to see this bird of prey beside the tent next door. It had caught another bird, not much smaller than itself and pecked at it's feathers for some time, once it had stopped fighting and was obviously pretty crook, the bigger one flew off with in it's talons to feed in peace, somewhere else.
    That's nature for you! all in a days adventure.

             Friday 8th
     Last full day at Baffle Creek.  Tried my luck at fishing again with no result, the fishing is not much cop I reckon, but we have managed a feed of fresh fish. With the one I caught on Monday and some lovely folk gave me a couple of theirs as they had plenty, we have done O.K.
      Readying the rig for pull out tomorrow, making for the Town of 1770 and Agnes Waters.
     Keeping ahead of the cool weather as we make our way north to warmer climate.  All is good.

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