Friday, April 17, 2015

1st to 17th Point Vernon Hervey Bay

Storm clouds from Pt. Vernon
       Wednesday 1st

      All is good in Point Vernon, staying at our friends place. Are taking life easy, swimming in the beautiful Hervey Bay ocean, clear warm waters, sight seeing a bit and helping with what needs to be done. Had a bit of a storm this afternoon, made the sea look very ominous as this photo shows, nothing much came of it though.

       Saturday 4th

Fraser Island Barge coming into
River Heads ramp to load

      Drove out to River Heads to where the Fraser island barge departs, taking all the tourist to the island to go camping etc. Pretty expensive to take your car and gear over at $165.00 per standard vehicle and 4 people and lot's extra for your trailer or boat starting at $70.00, depending on the length of it. Then if you want to go as just a passenger it will set you back $50.00.

Hervey Bay from River Heads
The island is famous for it's population of  dingo, reputedly the most pure line of dingo in the country. Unfortunately the dingo has for some years had to compete with the tourist industry to survive and the tourists are on the winning side, leaving the dingo little room to habitat the island naturally and are in danger of not managing to survive at all,  Sadly the authorities seem powerless (or unwilling) to do anything about it. Dot and Yip were with us and many people waiting for the barge enjoyed some interaction  with Yip and took photo's, although Yip was not sure at times she took it all in her stride and Dot just loved the attention.

Urangan Pier, Hervey bay and Vannessa
     We  left the barge and stopped at the Urangan pier to have breakfast. The pier is 868 metres long and used be longer when it was used to export sugar, coal and timber at 1.142 metres until 1980 when it was shortened. Now it is only an attraction for locals and tourists to enjoy.
     While there I took a selfie of me with the pier in the background, not a flattering picture of me. (never mind)

 Friday 17th
We have made no plans to leave Hervey bay as yet, enjoying it too much. Will make a move sometime soon and will post more news then.

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