Monday, March 23, 2015

6th to end of month Hervey Bay + Point Vernon

          Friday 6th
feeding time at Biggenden
van park
     Making our way to Hervey Bay by Monday to have another solar panel put on the bus. In the mean time we will take our time going via Degilbo and Maryborough. The van park in Biggenden has heaps of bird life, with the manager feeding them each day. The parrots and galah come to enjoy the free meals, along with a pair of King Parrots which are quiet and come up reasonably close.

     Did a small larder restock then to Degilbo to overnight at a friends.

Saturday 7th
     Arriving in Maryborough mid morning we drove around the streets for a while admiring the residences, There are many very old and beautiful Queenslander style houses, never got any pictures  unfortunately(not to photograph private places) but it was a sight to see. We ended up overnight at the Maryborough showgrounds at$17.00 per night.
                              Sunday 8th

Dot + Yip on Hervey bay beach
                    Hervey bay. Beautiful.
      We got here early and spent the day enjoying the beach. First stop the esplanade and a walk along Hervey bay beach, white fine sand and sparkling clear water, had a paddle, swim later maybe. A bit further along and we found parking and a place to buy some breakfast where we had a view of the bay back to Point Vernon which is where we are eventually heading.
Parked up in Hervey Bay on arrival

Hervey bay boat club + marina
     Driving along the esplanade we stopped where we could park the rig beside a pretty beach next to the boating marina, ambled out with the dogs and splashed around in the sea for a while, lovely swim, I had almost forgotten how salty the sea is!! (ha ha). We spent the large part of the day here but had to move on.
     We found the workshop who is doing the solar panels for us tomorrow and discovered a place to park over night at Koala Markets ground.

                               Monday 9th
Dot and Yip at Point Vernon
     Had the work on the solar panels finished by 930am and made our way to Point Vernon to spend some time with our good friend, may be here for a week or two catching up on some good times and helping out where we can.
                               Tuesday 10th
     Having fun on the beach, went for swim today, absolutely wonderful and Dot and Yip reckon it's great too. Yip has decided that the salt water isn't scary at all and is splashing around in it as much as she can, Dot has always loved the water so no problem for her, just Lot's of fun for all.

Gatakers bay rock formations on the beach

                                  Friday 13th
    Black Friday!! not likely!!  just another great day in Hervey bay.
     We have spent time walking the beach and streets at Point Vernon along with helping out our mate and have found the place to be a delight to discover.  Around the point we found Gatakers Bay, there is a restaurant and bar there which I felt inclined to visit but undoubtedly the pup's wouldn't be allowed in so I gave it a miss. This picture of the bay shows the rock formations on the beach which I haven't experienced any where else and are quite something. The foreshore around Point Vernon is all much the same as this, lines and curves and tile like platforms.

                              13th to end of month
         We're having fun here and mostly lazing about in between sight seeing and doing the odd job around our mates place and on the bus. Have the bus booked in for machinery inspection on Thursday 27th and will decide after that when we will head off for our next destination. (where ever that may be)

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