Monday, February 2, 2015

Race day at Bingara 31st January

     Last day of the month,  we spent the afternoon at the Bingara Cup Race Day. Jim had the favourite in the Calcutta which was drawn at the RSL the night before but it didn't do any good, picked up a winner in the 3rd. He had a great day.

Race 1 at Bingara Cup day

 The pups and I had the best seat in the house on the corner of the course watching from outside,(can't take dogs to the races), we had a ball as well.

the best pew on race day at Bingara
Dot and Yip at the Bingara races
"Who won that one?")

     The weather was beautiful for the day, the locals can be proud of a well organised fun day for the whole town.

     February is here and we are departing this beautiful spot in a couple of days time, (sadly in some ways) more adventures along the highways to see yet.

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