Thursday, February 26, 2015

23rd to 28th Back to Queensland - Texas

            Monday 23rd
We left Ashford this morning heading back into Queensland, going only about 34km to Bonshaw weir by mid morning. A free camp beside the Dumaresq river with a weir across it, making for a pretty place to camp for the night, not to mention I can light a camp fire to cook dinner on.(Yeah!!)

Bonshaw weir on Dumaresq river
Dumaresq river with Bonshaw weir


     We had a lovely swim in the river below the weir and watched the fish under the road bridge, I felt like getting the fishing gear out but decided the fish were only Carp! a pest fish which cannot be returned to water - dead or alive, must be destroyed and buried (or similar), so I gave the fishing a miss. We experienced a pretty sky when a bit of storm threatened but nothing came of it except for some nasty gust's of wind.
Stormy sky at dusk - Bonshaw weir
Dot and Yip exploring at Bonshaw weir

Prickly pear cacti at Bonshaw weir covered
with ripe fruit

     Went for walk up the gravel road to see what was there and found a specimen of prickly pear cacti which I thought was huge to what I have seen before today, it was covered in ripe red fruit. Very tempted to pick some but my last experience with these fruit left me in a little pain, with both hands full of very fine prickles, hence the name prickly pear!!. Pain only lasted an hour or so, not life threatening! A very pretty plant in it's own way.

Further up the road next morning this view came into the camera's lens. It is farm land, with a crop unfamiliar to me, being irrigated and the sign on the gate said Emu Plains Farms.
Emu Plains Farmland at Bonshaw weir

 An interesting interlude on our travels and very pleasant evening.

          Tuesday 24th

warning to travellers when entering Queensland
     Off to Texas this morning and across the border to Queensland. Left Bonshaw weir at 9.15 and arrived in Texas at 8.36, back to normal time and have to reverse our clocks by 1 hour. Settled in to the Texas Van park at $24.00 per night intending to spend a few days here.

     This sign just before Texas is a warning to all who love furry hoppy animals - just don't keep them. (Could be costly!!)

Riverside freezing co.
Rabbit processing works

     They used to process rabbits here in Texas, way back when there were so many of them it was worth while going to the trouble of hunting them down.
     The processing and freezing works building is still here although only a museum piece now.

Texas Memorial Hall
     There are some lovely old buildings in the town, this one of the hall is a beaut!
     Most of the residences are fairly old, some falling in to disrepair and some lovingly restored as well.
     Texas has all you would need to live happily, another great country town, this one seems to be surviving better than some we have stayed in.

Dot at Dumaresq river near Texas


     The town is next to the Dumaresq river which is a bit short on water but still managed to find a hole big enough to have swim. Still pretty and this photo with Dot and the car look good.
     The Qld/NSW border is only a couple of kilometres south of Texas, the river is on the border, if you are on the south bank you are in N.S.W and on the northern bank - in Qld.

           Thursday 26th
     Lazy day today.
      We will continue our slow journey north tomorrow, which will bring us to the end of another month by Saturday.
      Stay tuned next month.

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