Wednesday, February 25, 2015

11th to 23rd Time spent in Ashford

One of the many Park area's in
      Had a great time in Ashford, friendly people, lovely climate and plenty to keep me occupied.
     Swimming for the pup's, bowling for Jim at the club over the road, MacIntyre water falls and Limestone caves to peek at and to top it off, the Ashford Show which I had a look at.

     The parks are a wonderful way to exercise the dogs, Dot and Yip both enjoyed frolicking around them.

Pretty fancy Letter box
     Spent many hours walking the streets of Ashford, with a population of 570, there isn't much left here in the way of business, even the Pub closed down a couple of years ago. The roadhouse doubles as a grocery store/takeaway, there's a post office/library-come information centre, a chemist, rural supplies, a cafe and the bowling club with a great public swimming pool.

     While out on one of our walks we came upon this letter box, well, I thought to myself, that's just lovely, so a photo it became in my album.
                                          Later in the week I drove the dog's about 30km out to
                   Kwiambal National park which has in it's boundary the MacIntyre falls. (Strictly speaking the Pup's are not allowed in the park, but we went anyway)

friendly neighbourhood artistry in the letter boxes on the
MacIntyre falls road Ashford

     On the road out were many letter boxes of all sizes and shapes, I have compiled a collage of them.
     Crazy - funny - unique, I found them quite quirky and a product of the locals competitive nature I guess.

MacIntyre falls Ashford

     The rock formations on the river banks at the falls are colourful, the water not flowing much but still a small fall to see trickling into the plunge pool below.

     Also in the same direction are some limestone caves, which are home to 2 species of small bats. I had a look but didn't venture in too far as the literature about them asks not to disturb the bats at certain times of the year and this is one of those times

     The weekend of 21/22 February is the annual Ashford show. Despite a not too likely weather forecast for the weekend, the show must go on. And it did!
     I found my way to the showground on the Saturday and looked around for and hour or so. very nice. I have some pictures of the local produce and flower competitions, not hug,  but really well done and proudly displayed.

     That was two weeks thoroughly enjoyed.    Come Monday morning we head off north again.

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