Thursday, April 3, 2014

Travelling again 1st & 2nd April

Tuesday 1st
Still in Townsville at present, waiting to get parts for the bus which is one of the items we came to Townsville to achieve, unfortunately for us there are no filters available in Townsville and are waiting to get them up from down south.
     In the mean time, we have been camping in the workshop, we have camped in some unusual spots but this has got to top the lot for originality, although I couldn't recommend it to any-one, The view out the window (see photo of truck) leaves a little to be desired and the bird song isn't exactly what I would call beautiful to say the least.

But it's not all bad, we have been doing some walking and sightseeing with the pups and there is this neat man-made lake which the pups reckoned was great for swimming. The hill in the background is the famous Castle Hill, the views from up there are fantastic. Also enjoyed watching the bird life on the lake, There were plenty of them around.
     The bus is finished by midday and we went a couple of blocks to Currajong, spent the night there with a friend.
Wednesday 2nd
       Packed the Jimny on the trailer this morning and travelled to Charters towers. Will refuel etc tomorrow and are going out to the Burdekin Dam for a week or two. Supposed to be good fishing, so after getting a permit from  here in Charters Towers, that is where we will be. There is no mobile phone or Internet coverage out there so will be off the air for a while, catch you later.