Thursday, September 29, 2016

End of September at Cardwell

                                    Still here!
   Not much happening, the weather is warming up, must be almost time to head south!

     A lovely day spent at Murray Falls  about 40km north west from Cardwell on Tuesday 27th. Gail came for the ride along with Dot and Yip of course. It was a bit crowded due the school holidays at present but there was room for us and the water was cool and clear, ducked in for a splash a few times. Some photo's of the day-
Vannessa + Yip at the bottom of Murray falls
 May not be able to see it here, but-
             If you look closely behind me over the top of my right shoulder there is a very tiny man standing on the cliff face!! a trick?? I don't know, it was there when I downloaded it to the computer.  (Do-Da-Do-Da - Whew!  -  weird!!)

Murray falls gorge
Murray Falls Queensland

What ever! the day was splendid.

           September is almost gone, there will be some movement from us next month.  I 'll let you know when something happens.
                  Catch all in October

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