Friday, September 23, 2016

15th to 23rd Back to Cardwell

              Wednesday 15th
    Today we departed Sarina, a beautiful  part of the country, We both like the area and the weather has been lovely. We got away fairly early  hoping to make Merinda again where we stopped on the way down.
      We did well until a bit south of Proserpine we had a blow out,  just what we needed
-NOT-!!! Ahh well, such is the life on the road, not a nice way to depart with our cash. To continue on - A bit north of Proserpine we had to stop again, this time for a roadside Queensland Transport check, breath test and licence etc, which Jim passed with flying colours.  All good and we arrived at our first destination early afternoon.

               Friday 16th 
     Homehill today.  The cowboys rugby game on tonight which Jim watched at one of the local hotels.  Easy going day.

               Saturday 17th
     Stopped in Townsville on our way through to purchase some more meat for the dogs, then on to Bluewater for a spell. Took the pups for a swim in the Bluewater creek, lovely cool clear water, I ducked in myself for a splash, very nice.
     Moved on to Rollingstone late in the afternoon to park up outside the hotel. A great walk to Bushy Parker Park with the dogs and a swim in the creek.
Rollingstone creek at Bushy Parker Park

Dot+Yip at Rollingstone


Dot and Yip had fun in the water, the creek is pretty, great place to camp if it were allowed.

                            Sunday 18th
      Some more driving practice for me this morning. We left Rollingstone early with me in the drivers seat, all went well and Jim took over again north of the Cardwell range. On to Gail's residence where we hitched the trailer back to the bus and resumed our spot at Landsdown street where we will be for the next couple of weeks or so.

                           Friday 23rd
      The weather is warming up! Jim has been busy over the last few days doing some maintenance, oil change, replaced the fuel filters and one thing and another. I have been busy taking it easy. FEW!!! life is tough you know!!
                 That's it for now, catch up soon.

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