Friday, August 5, 2016

Warm days in Cardwell

                                                   Still here, all is good.
     We are property sitting for a friend, can stay as long as we like, so we will do just that.

Deadhorse creek Cardwell
     Had a lovely day mid July when I took a picnic lunch, my friend Gail and the puppies up the back of Cardwell via the scenic drive, to an unusually named water way called  Deadhorse creek. There ain't no dead horses as far as I know, but a beautiful stream running through native scrub. The puppies had a ball. The water was a bit cool for me to swim in so we just had a feed and relaxed in the quiet for an hour or two.
     This photo of the creek shows the swimming hole and a small water fall, just perfect!

    August has arrived already. The nights are a bit cool but the days are fantastic.  just taking each day as it comes will make a move when we are ready. Chow for now.

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