Friday, August 26, 2016

Cardwell in August

Sunrise over Hinchinbrook Island Cardwell 11th August 2016

     Not much happening in these parts, walking the beach with Dot and Yip meeting all the locals and tourists. This photo of one of the many beautiful sunrises on the shores of Cardwell.
     The Pup's are having a ball on the beach, digging up ghost crabs and running amok'. No swimming though, Crocodiles inhabit these waters and there has been a large one around for a number of years, it swims the waters on a reasonably regular basis. I had a pretty good sighting of it early in the month, it surfaced 5 or 6  times as I was walking back home from the jetty one morning. (Talk of the town for a few days) It looked fairly large, I must say.
     Jim set the mud crab pots a couple of days in a row with only a couple of undersized ones for his effort, never mind - he managed to get nice and muddy in Meunga creek but decided it wasn't worth the exercise. He also is enjoying our stay here catching up with old mates.
     We will leaving Cardwell early next month for a short time to travel to Sarina. My young brother is going to meet us there for a day or two, looking forward to seeing Him, it's been a year or four.  We will venture back to Cardwell for a time after that.
     We have made a plan (WHAT!! - a plan) yeah! sort of, we want to be in Townsville for an air show mid October, after that we will be at the mercy of our own decision (or IN-decision) and decide which way is next. (up - down or sideways!! Ha Ha)
     Life is great, it should be compulsory for all to experience this way of living sometime in their allocated time on earth.
           Cheers for now, take of each other 'til next I blog.

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