Thursday, May 19, 2016

1st to 19th Time in Cardwell

      Whiling away our time catching up with some old friends and acquaintances in Cardwell, doing some maintenance on the bus while also waiting for the new fridge to arrive, after which time we will maybe hit the road again. Time will tell where we go at that time.
Attie creek gorge
     Been checking out some of the sights around the place and have taken a few photo's. Took the puppies up to Attie Creek falls one afternoon. It rained while we were there and it was a bit dark, but the falls are pretty awesome and the gorge down the hill is also great.

Hinchinbrook Island +
Cardwell beach
Walking the southern end of the beach at Cardwell on an overcast day with Hinchinbrook island in the background and a very low tide this day made an unusual picture, a bit cool and dead looking.
     Unfortunately for the locals, the town seems to be struggling to survive, work is about nil and there are a lot of empty houses and flats.

cycad in full fruit 
     The forest behind the town makes a nice walk for us, following the fire breaks around the edge.  This cycad is full of berry's and was quite big nestling in the rocks.

Dot+Yip at Cardwell
forestry creek
We found a little creek with lovely fresh, clean, running water which was deep enough for Dot and Yip to go for a swim and look for fish to catch, they never found any but enjoyed the water.

Cardwell sunset
     The sun comes up each day (as it does!!) and sets again each evening (as it does!!) and this one was well worth taking a photo of, it looked like a huge fire in the west (well -- ? I guess it was!!)

Anyway,   we are having fun.
    I'll catch up again later in the month.

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