Friday, April 29, 2016

12th - 30th April Townsville to Cardwell

   We are parked up at the Black River Stadium Van park about 20 km north of Townsville off the Hervey Range road and on to Black River road. We will be here for a week or two to catch up with friends and get some business attended to.
        Sunday 17th
Magnetic Island from Castle Hill - Townsville
     Townsville is a nice city, if we have to spend any time in a city this is the one we would choose.       We visited our lovely friends Gill and Steve in the south of the city today, great to catch up with them again. Later in the after noon on the way back to camp we went up Castle Hill to take some pictures. This one is looking north/east with Magnetic Island in the background.

        Saturday 23rd
    Departed Townsville today travelling to Balgal beach for a night camping at the free R.V. camp next to the Fisherman's Landing kiosk where we intend to have takeaways for dinner.
   A lovely spot, the beach is great and Dot and Yip had a ball playing in the surf. Had a try fishing from the pontoon by the kiosk, no luck, the only thing biting were the sand flies!!! (Mongrel things they are too!!)
Dawn at Balgal beach
     Sunday 24th
    Great walking the beach this morning the sunrise wasn't spectacular but beautiful in a cool crisp sort of way.

  We left early to spend tonight at Lucinda.

   This is the site of the Lucinda Sugar Terminal. The photo and captions on these two photos tell it all. A very interesting experience and heaps of fun.

            Monday 25th
    Anzac Day.  A public holiday.  It's raining too!!
  We made our way to Cardwell this morning to spend some time with another good friend, Gail, and catch up with a few others in the area.

             Wednesday 27th
    The weather is showery and overcast, as it has been since arriving in Cardwell, nothing much really, can't dampen our spirits, a little moisture has to be experienced now and again.
     We checked out an old haunt this morning, Bedford Creek, a little place to camp for a while to go fishing and crabbing and relaxing away from the madding crowd. We will head out there when the weather heals again.

     Another great month has come and gone, life is a blast. Keep smiling, catch you in May.

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