Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sept. 17th to 27th Ravenshoe to Charters Towers

        Monday 21st
     Shift camp today - in to town to the Rail Co. Travellers Rest @$15.00 per night, until maybe the end of the week. Just taking it easy while Jim attends to dental appointments in Atherton. He had the mudguard on the trailer welded while here as well.

         Friday 25th
Ravenshoe Steam Train
     All going well.
   The local Train enthusiasts have been working for some time to get the steam engine up and running again, it has been out of action for a few months but this morning saw them  fire up in preparation for restarting the tourist attraction train rides each weekend.
Took this picture of the warm up of the engine.

Innot Hot Springs motel
      Jim's dental work is done and we left Ravenshoe this morning after loading the Jimny and fuelling Dilligaf we made our way to Greenvale along the Gregory Development road  after careening past the Innot Hot Springs, I only managed to get a quick Pic. of the motel as we passed.

Termite nests
     Driving down the Gregory Development road there are with some single lane bitumen stretches, other wise good travelling. The land is so very dry though, much worse than I have seen previously.  The termite nests are plenty, some huge ones amongst the brown grass and the trees that don't look too healthy.
     Arrived in Greenvale about 3.30. All is quiet here.  We parked outside the Three Rivers Hotel (of Slim Dusty fame) for the night. Much to our surprise there is a coach load of happy tourists here for the night, they are an entertaining lot with country music singers among them. A very enjoyable evening of song and laughter.
Rainbow at Greenvale
     A couple of showers late afternoon and evening made a very nice rainbow as the sun set, not enough to make any difference to the drought though.
                      Saturday 26th
Dry country on Gregory Dev.Rd
     After letting half the coach load of oldies have a visit with Yip this morning, much to their enjoyment, Yip did a wonderful job entertaining a few of them, we drove by more dry country-side on our way to Charters Towers.  
Part of dis-used railway
     There is dis-used railway alongside the road with culverts under it that look fairly well made, (maybe hand made from long ago), the rock wall around them is tidy.

Fletcher Creek (very dry)
     Stopping for lunch at Fletcher Creek. 
     We had a few days here last year, the creek was half full of water back then and enjoyed swimming in it, no such luck today, DRY AS A BONE.
     Arriving in Charters Towers about lunch time we made our way to one of our favourite rest area's at the Puma Roadhouse (used to be the Gold City Roadhouse) We will be here until Monday 28th when are going to stock up all provisions to last a month or so. We are heading about 80km south to a station to help out where we can in any way, to give the owners a break where possible. Should be good, we are looking forward to the challenge.
No mobile or Internet coverage that I know of, so will be off the air until further notice.
     Catch up with us then, Chow for now.

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