Wednesday, September 16, 2015

10th to 16th September Return to Ravenshoe

     Thursday 10th
      Spent some ofour hard earned cash in Atherton today, I had a shopping spree, nothing special, just catch-up on some home wares.
     Today and next couple just taking it easy.

      Saturday 12th
     We find ourselves back at the Tall Timbers Van park in Ravenshoe this morning. Will be here a week or so 'til Jim's new teeth are ready.
      A few showers over the next couple of days, but not so wet as to make things miserable, very changeable, cool-warm-damp-dry-sunny, anything you want as long you don't want the same weather all day.

     Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th
     This afternoon a family travelling their way around the country, stopped here for a couple days. Their youngest daughter, (Lily) who is 11 years old is in an electric wheel chair, a lovely young woman with a seemingly permanent smile on her face. She took some time out to spend with us, joining us for takeaways for dinner Monday night. Her Mum (Melisa) and Dad (Greg) and elder sister (Ella) didn't dine with us.
     I enjoyed her company and the pups loved her to bits, especially Dot. Yip was a surprise to me, she accepted Lily like she was one of the family.
Dot and Lily at Ravenshoe
Yip+Lily at Ravenshoe
     On Tuesday Lily came into our bus and up on the bed with Dot and Yip, playing with them, having a ball I think, said she wants a pup too. I took these two photos of her and Yip interacting with each other and Dot being spoilt rotten by Lily.

      Wednesday 16th
     Weather is nice this morning. Lily and her family departed to continue their journey, we will keep in touch.

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