Sunday, February 2, 2014

20 January to 2nd Febuary Kooroorinya

Just taking it easy still.
                  The GOOD NEWS is it has rained at last!!!
Last weekend we had a shower each afternoon on Sat. and Sun.  giving us  about 10 ml over the two days. It was quite unbelievable on Monday morning to see the grass that had sprouted  almost over night. Then on Friday and this weekend we have had more, maybe
40 ml to date, that makes about 50 ml so far this year and it seems as though we will get more yet. It is amazing to note that the 50 odd ml we have had so far exceeds the total rainfall around these parts for the whole of 2013. Now we look around and it is becoming very green, the grass is coming along fast and furious, some parts are over an inch high already, next thing we will have mow the lawn!!  (Oh Oh)
     Had another visitor to our garden the other day, a Sand Goanna again, about 1.3 metres long, a different one I think than our last visitor. It spent quite some time digging it's supper out of the garden, couldn't see what it was eating but it had a feast, then waddled off into the paddock again. WOW! all sorts of wildlife around here eh?
     With it being so dry I feel that the Kangaroo have been doing it tough too, there aren't as many around as there were a couple of months ago, maybe it has something to do with Yip and Dot, our beloved puppies, who are doing a great job of chasing them away from the garden and camp area.
      Jim went into Hughenden on Friday and I washed the car before he went, to make it look like someone owned it, waste of my effort since it rained, now its red mud colour again instead of white. Oh well  if that's the biggest problem I have I don't have much to worry about.
       All is good, catch you all next blog time.