Monday, January 20, 2014

1 to 20 Jan Kooroorinya

Not much to tell really, still having a ball at Kooroorinya, still no rain, no happy campers, so not much to do. Spending our days walking the pup's, resting and taking it re-e-eally easy!!

Had a friend stay for a couple of days from the coast and we did the sight seeing bit around the gorge etc and she took this not very flattering photo of me with the pup's at the creek.

Dot and Yip are getting along really well, Yip is still finding out that the water is fun to be in but not too keen on the mud, although she gets pretty muddy on occasion.
We come across all kinds of things while walking and I finally got close enough to this creature to take a photo of it. An echidna, there plenty of them about and the pup's still try to catch them and end up with bloodied snouts occasionally
All is good in our world except that we need some rain, the creek is very low and evaporating each week, it is our water supply for the camp and house, we are doing O.K. so far, but are watching our use of water at all times.

My knee's are coming along well, keeping up with exercises each day, not much pain now, just discomfort with stiffness, should be running soon!
     That's all for now.