Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Parked up at Sarina

     We have decided to take a break for some time and have settled at Campwin beach east of Sarina. Will be spending the next year here, deciding what we will do.
     Campwin beach is a lovely quiet beach side village with friendly locals, white sand beachs to walk the puppies on each day, less than 10 minutes from Sarina which has everything that one would need.

     Spending my time unpacking Dilligaf and seeing the sights around the area.

Boat ramp at Freshwater point
              While we were waiting for the real estate to grant us the privilege of renting one of their  properties, we were lucky enough to meet a local that said we could park up at his place out towards Armstrong beach, he has a few acres and plenty of room to put us up for as long as we needed.
     We ventured out there on Wednesday 2nd. I drove to Freshwater point to have a look, as it was only up the road a bit, nothing much there but residential area, the view from the boat ramp toward the south was outstanding.

     To cut a long story short we finally secured the house we are now in at Campwin beach on Friday 4th. It is unfurnished and we have gathered a few essentials over the last couple of weeks.
Campwin beach - low tide
Campwin beach - high tide
                                                    On the 14th the spectacle of the super moon, when the moon was the closest to earth since 1948, saw some really big tide movement, from less than half a metre up to 6 metres. The local beach at Campwin was something to see with the contrasting tides as the photo's show.
Marine life at Low tide Campwin beach

     At the lowest tide there was a veritable marine garden to behold, just like diving on a reef - without the water. This photo shows only a small sample of what was actually there to be seen, I was pleasantly amazed at the sight.

Turtle tracks on Sarina beach
     Sarina beach and Campwin beach are among the few beaches along this coast which host Marine Turtles from November, to lay thier eggs. A huge effort on their behalf, to drag themselves up the beach and lay the eggs at the highest point they can get above high tide then drag themselves back to the water, leaving the eggs to look after themselves until they hatch.   Walking the beach on Wednesday 16th, early morning, we found these tracks of a turtle as it made it's way up the beach and back to the water. Each drag mark is nearly three feet wide with the flipper marks on each side of the drag mark. The turtle never laid this time, hopefully she will try again.

Sun setting on coal ships at Hay Point


     While I was at the lookout trying to get some photo's of the super moon on the 14th, the ships waiting to get in to Hay Point were lit up by setting sun, they stood out like beacons on the horizon, jewels on the ocean!
Sunset from lookout at Campwin

Then as the sun went down this glorious scene begged to be photographed - lovely!!

     Will blog again when I have anything interesting to blog about.  Cheers 'til then.

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