Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 5th to 29th At Essex still

    Well!  a leap year - No different to any other year really, just a day longer.
     Not much to impart to you.
    The weather has been very hot, 40+ at times, very dry and all the good work of the rain earlier in the year has almost been undone already, the paddocks are looking brown again and plants and grasses are dying once more, I hold my hat out to all outback farmers for enduring conditions as these.
Cherry tomato @Essex
      But, despite the dry, I have managed to keep a vegetable garden going, not a flash one, but producing a few things for us to eat fresh. I have to skite and include a couple of pictures. I have had to make sure I water 3 times a day and some have not made it, but I have 2 nice pumpkins that hopefully will be ripe soon, and cherry tomatoes that are doing well. Sweet corn is gone but managed 3 sweet cobs from them. So - its possible to eat fresh out here, if you put the effort in!!
A nice butternut almost ready
Vegetable garden @ Essex

Dot+Yip in the paddock

Other than gardening and walking the puppies, not much happening. We are doing some maintenance on the bus and readying for departure at the end of March.

     Catch you further down the track, where-ever we may be!!

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