Thursday, December 17, 2015

16th Oct to end November - Essex Downs

     A bit light on news of late. last I blogged back in mid October, We were at Essex Downs station, south of Richmond, Queensland, we're still here. It is extremely hot!!! up to 45 degree celcius, OUCH!! but apart form that all is well. Getting my head around the vast distances in this part of the world and the Outback in general, 65.000 acres with two paddocks being 20,000 each, PHEW!! that's huge. Another curiosity to me, is the distance travelled to clear the mail box, a 12km round trip down the driveway and back twice a week. Ha Ha.
     We had some rain on the 30th October, about three quarters of an inch. When it rains here we go no-where, the black soil around here goes to slop when wet. Jim had to go down the driveway to find a tradesman and show him another way to the homestead, WELL!! poor little Suzuki jimny was devastated, mud many inches thick all under the wheel arches and everywhere. Luckily most of it dropped off when it dried out. Moral to the story? don't attempt to drive anywhere when it has rained, but - it dries out fairly quickly too.
      A bit of a drama unfolded when a big buck kangaroo decided that it
wasn't going to hop away when the dogs tried to chase it, instead it chased the dogs! Dot got a bit battered and bruised with a nasty gash to her belly, nothing life threatening, luckily. Yip was too nimble to get caught. Jim had a shot at it, but it ducked and took off, too fast to have another shot. Couple of days later, taking our late afternoon walk, the bl*#dy thing had a go at me!! It had a broken front leg. I ended up on the ground with a few nasty scratches on my backside - I live to tell the story, Big buck 'roo though,
 - DID NOT!! - it's  balls are still hanging on the barbed wire fence and the puppies were well fed for some time on fresh kangaroo meat.
     I have a spa! the water here is artesian, comes  out of the ground HOT! The bore supplies the household with water and there is plenty of it, don't wait to have a cold shower though. I set a huge tub beside the veranda and filled it from the bore - hot spa water - it cools over night but I just empty a bit out and refill it with the hose water, which is hot. 

     That 's our lot at present, thoroughly enjoying being here, getting a bit lazy, not a lot to do around the place, just take care of what is here, water the lawn and mow it when it grows, havn't needed to mow much yet, just as well as the mower is cactus, leaves us with a whipper snipper to do the job - all good.
Some photos to look at.
rain west of Essex Downs

Goanna - a Local visitor
Sunset at Essex Downs

                                                         The sunrises and sunsets are absolutely beautiful, I could take many a picture but have just a couple to look at. Apart from the kangaroos the wildlife is not much, this goanna turned up a couple of weeks ago. The birds are many and varied, getting more abundant as the lawn greens up and more insects are being attracted by our lights at night. Nature is an ever increasing wonder to behold!

      Another shower of rain on Friday 27th November with about half and inch. Need a lot more to do any good. That's life isn't it? can't control the weather.
                      Catch all when next I blog, maybe not 'til the new Year.
                                 Merry Christmas to all 

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